This NFT Experience Is So Incredible; Even We Don't Believe It!

This NFT Experience Is So Incredible; Even We Don't Believe It!

Actual fight-day gloves may vary from the ones pictured above.

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Official Tyron Woodley Fight Night NFT/Tattoo Experience

(1 Available)

The ultimate 1 of 1 OFFICIAL Experience NFT from Tyron Woodley for his epic rematch against Jake Paul. This is the 1 of 1 Official Tyron Woodley NFT! There will never be another minted, and this NFT unlocks the ULTIMATE Tyron Woodley Experience. The Winner and holder of this token will receive:

-An all-expense paid trip to the fight against Jake Paul on Dec 18th with a Ringside Ticket. This will include airfare (Domestic United States Only) and Hotel stay. The winner will enjoy the ringside experience, and get to hang out with Tyron after the fight.

-One of the pairs of actual Gloves worn by Tyron for the actual Fight. This will be signed by The Champ Himself.

-A hand-done Chain-stitched Jacket with Tyron’s Logo on the back, and with “The Chosen One” inscription on the front. This is the jacket that Tyron wore to his weigh-in and opening interview. You will also receive the photography from this incredible moment. This jacket is 1 of 1, and is just amazing.

-A pair of shoes, signed from the Fight Night.

-Finally, we will fly you out to a tattoo parlor of Tyron’s choosing (Domestic United States Only) where Tyron will be getting “Culture” tattooed on his Left Arm. The Winner will get to choose the font that is used, and if they choose, receive a matching tattoo. The entire process and moment will be documented by Cosmic Wire and provided to the Winner. This is the Ultimate Tyron Woodley Experience! Enjoy this moment in time in this epic 1 of 1 NFT and experience!

Friday Dec 17, 2021 @ 6am PST – Auction Begins

Friday Dec 17, 2021 @ 10pm PST – Auction Closes


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