They lift us up when we are down, they hold us when we are frightened, and with them together, we celebrate. Hands have always been a symbol of our compassion and empathy for each other, a symbol of our humanity. From the legendary visionary behind We Are The World and Hands Across America, Ken Kragen, comes his final act of philanthropy to bring the world together again with Hands For Humanity.

This is a global message of unity and equality across all of humanity. A call to what makes us human, what unites us, what we share, and how we deal with our journey of life as a people. No matter what color, sexual identity or orientation, walk of life; we are all together.


  • ο„‘We Are the World: The All-star charity single that raised funds for Africa for which Ken was awarded the United Nations Peace Medal.
  • ο„‘Hands Across America: A nationwide campaign that brought together more than 6 million people who formed a human chain from New York to California in an effort to raise funds for those in the United States who were in need.