Celebrate Cannabis History with a HollyWeeD NFT with Private Owner Access

Here’s the E True HollyWeeD Story…

On January 1, 2017, Zachary Cole Fernandez single-handedly transformed the Hollywood Sign — one of the most recognizable symbols of Southern California — into a HollyWeeD sign in honor of California’s new law legalizing cannabis in the state. 

The Joint Blazes On:

January 18th, 2022

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Owners of these tokens will be able to unlock a variety of exclusive perks, experiences, and events only available to those with a HollyWeeD token.

Owners of the token will get access to perks like: 
  • An exclusive product line of HollyWeeD inspired merchandise not available anywhere else
  • Amazing owner level discounts on HollyWeeD gear
  • Access to the private CosmicNauts Community by Cosmic Wire. This community allows early access to future drops from many of Cosmic Wire’s clients (e.g. Banksy, Ruby Mazur, Corey Feldman, etc.). Plus discounts for both live and virtual events that have been curated exclusively for members of the community
  • Owners pricing on tickets for the HollyWeeD Event Los Angeles (Spring 2022)

And so much more!

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When will the drop start?

You can start signing up for priority access in the first week of  January 2022. On January 18, the blunt drops!

Will the drop be available to the public?

We are reserving the majority of the NFTs for those who are on the priority list. A small number will be available to the public after the drop to those who have pre-registered for priority access.

How do I get priority access?

It’s simple! Submit your contact information in the form above and we’ll let you know when priority access is open.

Who gets the 1-of-1 HollyWeeD NFT?

Currently to be determined.

Can I buy one with dollars or a credit card?

Unfortunately, you can only bid using Etherium currency. 

If you’re not familiar with cryptocurrency or don’t own any Etherium (ETH) no worries! 

Go here to see a guide on how to buy Ethereum and (when the time comes) make your purchase.