Introducing Alien & Fabian

The only PFP NFT project promoting mental health, well-being, and elevating one’s self!

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About Alien & Fabian

Alien & Fabian are animated characters who are unlikely friends as they are the complete opposites of one another.  Alien is a narcissistic, selfish, demanding, and vengeful super intellectual being.  His goal is to dominate, take over and overpower everyone and everything.  On the other end of the spectrum is Fabian, a loving, honest, optimistic, and compassionate being who gets lost in beauty and becomes a liability due to his unfocused and compulsive imagination.

Alien and Fabian, created by artist Jhon Florez, represent the unintegrated right and left sides of our being. Together they are the duality and polarity that we as humans experience and hopefully transcend to be able to navigate with more freedom and joy.

Alien & Fabian Road Map

In Summer 2022, Alien & Fabian will gear up for their much anticipated initial NFT drop, which will include fun and festive art and personal well-being events, both in-person and online. These events will showcase original Alien & Fabian art by artist Jhon Michael Florez and provide those who attend the opportunity to see how Alien & Fabian will continue to help promote mental health, well-being, and elevating one’s self.

Summer 2022



Imagine a place where you can go practice mindfulness and find peace & wisdom. Imagine a place full of art and joy. Imagine being able to go to that place whenever and where ever you find yourself. Welcome to the Alien & Fabian Metaverse. The first of its kind, the Alien & Fabian Metaverse will feature experts, spiritual leaders, and healers sharing their stories and wisdom among the captivating visual landscape and art that is Alien & Fabian.



A community strong, we will begin to bring our NFT holders deeper into the Alien & Fabian world as we launch our animated series. The series will run an initial Thirteen Episodes and will feature characters and voiceovers from our initial PFP minters. Autographed Posters, Storyboards, and various other physical items will go out to our community of NFT holders as we create our story together.

Our Metaverse and content will be fully enmeshed in the physical world alongside the digital. Our community will begin its live events in two forms throughout the year: Workshops & Celebrations. Our workshops will feature experts, leaders, and community members who have demonstrated exceptional ability to impart wisdom. Our community will select these workshop leaders and Alien & Fabian will create the event. Our Celebrations will be an expression of the art that drives us. Community members will select featured artists and musicians for our Celebration Events.



  • Metaverse Access
  • Mediation Workshops and Courses
  • Mindfulness Workshops & Courses
  • Vibration Workshops & Courses
  • Physical Art & Collectables
  • Direction of Animated Series Story
  • Early Access to Animated Series
  • Chance To Be Featured in Series
  • Live Event Access
  • NFT (PFP) Collectable Art Pass

Additional benefits are likely as our community continues to grow and thrive. Our current calendar of events has two celebration events and two workshop events slated for 2022 with an expansion likely in the number of workshop events offered.

The Team Behind Alien & Fabian


The artist behind Alien and Fabian is a contemporary pop surrealistic painter based in Miami. As a self-taught artist, Jhon Michael creates dialogues between surrealism and genuine existence with his vibrant, colorful mixed media paintings. Florez reveals works that incorporate what he believes and each piece he creates helps the viewer walk away with a sense of divine hope and purpose.


Jason is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Affect Change. Affect Change is working with the world’s top influencers to leverage social media for its global television show coming out next year. Affect Change won “best new television series” at the 2022 Mammoth Film Festival and is featuring Jhon/Alien & Fabian NFT project as a part of Season.


Ama’zjhi is an initiated spiritual teacher for the Path of Ascension for 33 years. She is the creator of the Violet Alchemy®Healing & Purification- a multidimensional modality of energy psychology and healing. As a sound healer, she transmits celestial vibrations and frequencies for accelerated change and transformation. Ama’zjh is delivering the wisdom of the Alchemy of Divine Union & The 13 Pillars of Consciousness, through the adventures of Alien & Fabian.

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